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LOOK ALIVE FELLOW HETALIANS! We’re hosting auditions for Nation Cosplayers in our ASK-A-NATION PANEL AT DASHCON 2014!

If you’re chosen to be a part of our Ask-A-Nation Panel, you must fill out an application form and must be 18 years old or older to be a panelist. (only fill out the form if you are picked to be that nation)

{Panelist Perks:

  • Full-house (100 bodies or a full room): Badge refund for DAY OF PANEL.

Head count is cumulative: 50 bodies in two separate panels held the same day = 1 full-house

[Need to buy a badge/register? Click Here]

PANEL: Ask-A-Nation » PANEL TIME: 9 PM - 10 PM 

WHEN: Friday, July 11th, 2014 » ROOM: Schaumburg A

[Source: DashCon 2014 Schedule 5.0]

We’re hosting auditions in this order America, England, France, Canada, Germany, Japan, and North Italy.


1. Must be 18 yrs. old or older and attending the day of this panel.

2. All cosplayers auditioning must go through an interview process. A DashCon Admin and Committee Heads will be present during the interview and will be asking you questions in a video chat. We expect you to be able to answer the questions in character. (Approximated time for duration of interview: 15-20 minutes). 

*Note: Interviews will be held on Saturdays and Sundays (most likely), we will send you more information regarding the actual time as the date draws closer just in case one of our admins or heads can’t make it.

3. Casual Cosplay or in Uniform is preferred, we’d like to see you in your full cosplay outfit if you can.

4. You need to set up a Google+ account and add us because the interviews will be held in a Google Hangout hosted by us.

5. Each cosplayer auditioning will be given a time for their interview. We highly recommend you arrive/log-in earlier and wait for your turn rather than run late and miss your interview. 

6. If you can’t make the time of your interview or miss it due to an emergency or unforeseen event, you can upload an audition video (to YouTube or something) and send it to us (, but you still have to answer the interview questions that will be provided for you. You have two days to send in your video for we will be reviewing all the auditions really soon.

  • Please send us an email to if you’re interested in auditioning!

Fill-out this contact form and send it to us in the email too!:

Nation You Are Auditioning For:

Your Tumblr URL:

Your Skype Name (if you have one):

Your Google+ name/account:

**Primary e-mail:

**Maintaining contact throughout this whole process is CRITICAL and we need to be in touch! So please make sure you give us an e-mail that you check regularly.

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